Employee Account Password Management (EmpPass)

What this DOES change or reset your password for:

  • 25 Live
  • Citrix
  • Employee Email (e.g. yourname@edmonds.edu)
  • Omni CMS (OU Campus)
  • Employee wireless network (Triton WiFi)
  • DocMan (Quillix)

What this DOES NOT change or reset your password for:

  • Canvas
  • ctcLink

What is EmpPass?
EmpPass is a convenient tool to manage your Employee user network account.

What can I do with EmpPass?
This tool enables you to do the following:

  • Set a new password
  • Unlock your account
  • Enroll in Security Questions (required for password resets / account unlocks)
  • Reset an expiring password

I'm a new Employee. How do I get set up on my accounts?
You will first need to log in to EmpPass using the login information set to you by your supervisor. Once you log in using your temporary password, you can set a new password which will be valid for the listed accounts.

Why enroll in security questions?
Enrolling in security questions gives you full control over your account. This includes unlocking your account as well as changing a forgotten or expired password.

How long is my password good for?
Your password is valid for 120 days. You will use EmpPass to set a new password before it expires.

I still can't log in! Who can help me?
You are welcome to contact the Service Desk by submitting a ticket at https://itsupport.edmonds.edu