Edmonds Community College password management is a
convenient tool to manage your user account.

Activate Account
New users must first complete this one-time registration process
before the self-service system tool can be made available.
If you have activated your account, continue on to change
your password.
Change Password
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Reset Password
Forgotten password.
You need to know your security questions in order to
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Unlock Account
Unlock your account if you have been locked out from numerous
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Password will remain the same once it is unlocked.
Log in with your EdCC user name and password.
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Employee Account Password Management
What this DOES change or reset your password for:

  • Employee E-mail (e.g. john.smith@email.edcc.edu)
  • On-Campus Staff/Faculty desktop PCs
  • Staff wireless network
  • Canvas
  • Citrix
  • LiquidOffice
  • OUCampus
  • DocMan (Quillix Capture and Workflow)

What this DOESN'T change or reset your password for:

  • FMS
  • Purchasing Express
  • 25Live
  • Instructor Briefcase
  • SARS
  • Resources provided by ACS
  • Docman (Quillix Content)